Back That Thang Up

I recently found the gem in this picture, in the sale bin at a local store. It’s an accessory to make that horrific little beep when you back up your car.  I despise these, but that’s not enough to make the Rambling with the Barba blog.

Take a look at the marketing genius on the packaging. It has a variety of clip art cuties shaking their groove thing, to… the beep beep beep of the back up alarm!?! It also has a light that flashes to apparently warn any spontaneous disco dancers who happen to be in the intersection.

Are the sellers of this remarkable item trying to make the buying public believe that every time you put your car in reverse a random street party breaks out?

What’s the deal with the rainbow? Going in reverse while making every day a rainbow day.

And the musical notes? For real? You will never convince me that this sound is melodious. So can it with the clip art.

5 thoughts on “Back That Thang Up

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  1. Just the other day I was like, “I wonder if they make a car reverse warning device that I could buy that would make people break out into random moves of grooviness when I shift the transmission into ‘R’. That’s what I want for Christmas.”

    Thank you SO much, Mr. Rambling Barba, for making my dream come true!


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