Gringos in the House

I thought I would share a photo brought about by the recent visit of our parents. When I say “our,” I mean Christie’s Mom and Dad, and my Mom and Dad. They all four came to visit during the time of Christie’s surgery. Being that we live in South America and they do not, Christie thought they needed a little reminder in the bathroom.

Here in Paraguay, as with many South American countries, you can not throw your toilet paper in the toilet. You must throw it in the trash can provided especially for this. Otherwise, it will most certainly clog the system and many times necessitates a visit from the Poo Poo Pumper Truck. This is dry erase marker on the tile wall directly in front of the commode. It’s at eye level to the cowboy riding the water closet. The only way to miss this is to ride side-saddle.

It’s exciting to have our folks here.

8 thoughts on “Gringos in the House

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  1. So nice to have our visit associated with poo poo things!!! Such distinguished status we have!!! Needless to say, many things are different in this part of the world. We are having a blast!!


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