One for the Money, Two for the Show

I have been in a internet blackout this AM for give my previous jacked up post.


Today the one for the money is the Distal Femoral Osteotomy my wife is having performed. With God’s grace this will be the final surgery to repair the damage from shattering her femur. You can catch up a little here and here. The prognosis for her recuperation is more therapy and learning to walk again. Third time for her in her life. But she should return to the land of the joggers and physically active.

The two for the show is I have the extreme pleasure and honor of guest posting over at The Lazy Christian. Rachel Snyder is a sharp and entertaining writer who has clearly tapped into the vein of Christianity I am in, the lazy one. First thing, click on over and read my post then comment like mad cause that makes me look good and I need the validation. Second, click on any or all of the follow buttons there for Rachel’s Twitter, Facebook etc. and by all means don’t forget to subscribe to her blog. You will thank me for it. Third, since you’re there already meander around a little and read to your heart’s content. I guarantee you will find some of what you’re looking for in her writing.

Ok, recap

1. Read my post at The Lazy Christian

2. Make many witty comments. Prove to Rachel how wise it was to give me a turn on her blog.

3. Follow Rachel on all the various social media outlets available.

4. Subscribe to The Lazy Christian so you don’t miss any of the fantastic content.

5. Read at least 5 post and comment on them.

Are we clear? Good.


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