I’m Moved to Tears

…or maybe just moved.  This is the new site.  Come on in, kick off your shoes, have a seat on the couch, and let me know what you think of my new place.

If you’re a subscriber of the former Rambling, hit up the RSS button or email subscription box to the right, and get current.  There won’t be any new posts at that old site.

By the way, my conveniently-stuck-in-a-chair-for-a-few-months wife and I did a whole lot of coding on this one (you know, the cool “html/css/php/jquery/007/insert other hip computer language” kind) and there’s no way to know how it’ll show up on your computer.  Should you find a broken link or missing something-or-other, here’s the place to comment and tell me that we’ve fouled something up.  Really.  You won’t even hurt my feelings or anything. In fact, I like comments so much that I’m thinking of planting some errors JUST SO you’ll tell me about them. So, …WELCOME!

7 thoughts on “I’m Moved to Tears

Add yours

  1. Nice site, I’ve got you on my reading list! If you want some warrior-reading, check out my new blog –


    Look forward to seeing you guys again soon @ SFWC! Take care, bro!



    1. Thanks for the Add top your reader I am flattered. I am headed over to read up at your site now.

      We love it down there, I mean, up there in Summerville. It may be a while before our next trip though. A year or more, depends on God


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