Funky–A Way to Be, Not a Way to Smell.

We were be-boppin’ through the grocery store yesterday and ran across some new products.  This one below is deodorant. Caroline was the one that alerted us to the packaging.

Of the 3 options, I would very much like to smell “GROOVY”. The word groovy just rolls out of your mouth when you say it. Try it. It sounds like what it is. I expect that to smell groovy would be just as mellow and confident as the word.

The third option, in yellow, is “BOOGIE.” For me “BOOGIE” is teetering on the line. I can’t decide if I want to smell “BOOGIE” or not. It could have its benefits. My guess is it’s some strange blend of pheromones and the kind of sweat you have after eating lots of processed sugars. It’s a little sweet and really attracts the ladies.

That brings us to “FUNKY.” Never have  I wanted to smell “FUNKY.” In fact, in times gone by I have indeed smelled “FUNKY” and tried my darndest to eliminate it. The concept of buying a spray that will make me smell “FUNKY” is self-defeating. I could save the money and just collect any number of foul-smelling articles to massage under my arms in hopes of achieving that.

“Have you ever smelled “FUNKY?”

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