This is Me Being a Guest Poster

I read a blog post yesterday over at This is Me Thinking where Darrell Vertserfelt was calling all story tellers. He asked for your story in 400-700 words. I took a chance, sent in a post and whadduya know he liked it. It is today’s guest post.

Here’s the deal, bloggers don’t like to give a guest post to someone who is going to wreck their readership so, click on over and read my post. Make lots of witty or intellectual comments and stir conversation. Then scour Darrell’s blog, add him to your reader and thank me later for pointing you in his direction.  He has tons of great info there. For you romantic types, check into the neophyte cyber-inspired romance Darrell and certain young lady have been so transparent about lately. If you blog or use social media he has a mountain of nuts-and-bolts type practical advice.


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