Thank God for Pimps

I have been thinking lately about those little thoughts that jump into my mind. There are a lot of ideas I would like to post as blogs but there are not necessarily worthy of a full post or I just can’t seem to find the angle to develop them. I have decided to periodically post these short burst of insight in a category called “5 O’clock Shadow,” since they are not the full-on Barba (beard) post. Below is my first installment in this genre. For this to work great, I need you to hit me with some comments.


Thank God for pimps.

Now before you go all self-righteous on me I know it’s a despicable trade.  However, since their entrance into pop culture they have bolstered my self-esteem.


Every morning when I wake and the bones in my chest ache from my surgery, and my back creeks and cracks, I think about them. Everyday when the general wear and tear of mission life catches up with me and I get out of bed and stagger around the house ‘til my joints lubricate, I think about them and I feel cool. I feel cool because instead of having a limp from pain,

I have a PIMP WALK.

What do you thank God for today?

3 thoughts on “Thank God for Pimps

Add yours

  1. Wow that one takes some thought. But I think it was Jacob who advised “Never trust anyone who doesn’t have a limp” In his case, I think it indicated proof of an encounter with God. But right now all I can think of is Glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM.


  2. LOL! I am there to my brother. My knees ache, hips hurt (one total replacement already) and my lowert back kills me. I now have a new perspective on my “walk” as I make it around the house in the morning. Yet, what an awesome reminder to pray for those that are in that line of “work” and for the young men and women trapped in that trade.


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