You Wouldn’t Know the Difference

Bam! Let’s kick it up a notch. Ok I’m not Emeril Legasse. I am even less Paula Dean but I love to cook.

Truth is my love for cooking comes from a love of eating. And not just anything (ok, I will eat just about anything) but something crafted in the kitchen. Something with layered flavors melted together to form an explosion in your senses. I am not a gourmet chef. I just like jamming my face with some of God’s goodies fine-tuned to perfection.

I am not enamored with sweets but I like them all right. The thing I love is a complex entrée with the proper accompaniment. It must taste incredible, have the right sides and bread and equally it must look fabulous. Food fashion.

I love to hear the sound of the foods cooking. The pots boiling, the pans sizzling, and the oven crackling. It’s a symphony designed to awaken the appetite. Your taste buds can’t sleep with all that racket goin’ on. It’s a magical thing to watch the multiple colors go into a dish and begin to mix, not only with each other but begin to change with the growing heat.

The heat, oh the heat. You can feel the temperature rising in the room and in the pot. The foods go through a transformation reacting to the heat. And, all that heat adds up to a robust, smoky aroma that travels throughout the house. It is such a compliment to me when friends come over to eat with us and they enter the house and say, “I could smell it cooking outside.” Even on approach they are treated to a preview.

Oh, how He loves us.

Think about it, why did God give us a sense of taste? He created the whole universe and He could easily have created us without the sense of taste. We would go through our entire lives never having tasted fresh coffee in the morning, or baby back ribs, or chocolate cake. If He elected to create us that way you wouldn’t know the difference.

Why did He make our eyes to see? And not only to see, but to see color and depth. We would never have seen a rose blooming or a baby being born or an action-thriller movie in 3D. He could have made us and our world without color or sight and you wouldn’t know the difference.

I can’t imagine being deaf but what if our God decided in the beginning to make the world void of sound. We would never have heard a bird chirp, or the crowd yell at our favorite team’s score, or our lover whisper, “I love you.” You would bop along in our silent existence and you wouldn’t know the difference.

I think you get it by now. If touch or smell were never created by our God and He never included these apparatuses in our bodies we would go on living our lives and never miss them. We would never feel the breeze on our face, or smell fresh-cut grass, or feel the cool water of a summer dip in a creek, or smell chocolate chip cookies baking. These would be excluded and you wouldn’t know the difference.

He did all of this for our enjoyment as a way of showing His love for us. He implanted pleasure centers in our brains to process all of this information as a way to demonstrate His desire to bring us joy.

He also sent His Son to die in our place and make a way for us to commune with Him. The sad thing is when you look at the state of humanity or even just the Christian world  you wouldn’t know the difference.

What kinds of things has God done just to make your life more fun, entertaining, or pleasurable ?

6 thoughts on “You Wouldn’t Know the Difference

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  1. WOW… The things we take for granted… God’s gift’s to us are innumerable… I will never look at a rack of babybacks the same again!!!


    1. That’s exactly the point. So many times I blew by these kinds of things but HE kept dropping the thought in my head and after searching it out; He is so much more than I give Him credit for.


    1. I appreciate the props. We furry, faced fellows are a deep thinking lot. It ‘s the requirements placed on us by the beard. If we must look like a sage from another age then we must live up to it.


  2. What a wonderfully written post! The word imagery is beautiful and the meanings behind them even more so.

    Thank you for commenting on my blog, I LOVED your comment. SO fun to read. I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one that feels like this! Hopefully I’ll get to get out there one day and join the missionary ranks. 🙂


    1. Thanks for the kind words ORB. After reading you blog (all of it) I know until you leave the country you will be honing your skills in you own neighborhood.


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