With Liberty and Justice for All, Except Me

…I want mercy. Sure, I want liberal amounts of liberty but I definitely don’t want justice myself. Ok, maybe I just want justice in those cases where someone has wronged me. I want the full thrust of the law placed on their shoulders. I want their culpability exposed and the price paid. I have no problem with liberty for everyone. I think that all of God’s creation that has access to HIM can make the appropriate choice and receive liberty. At the same time I want the rules to be followed to the letter, except, of course, when it comes to me.

In those cases, I want “the mercy of God” to rain down upon me. To make me an example of how much God can love a human. I want God to remember that I am, in fact, only human and can not be perfect or achieve perfection. Given this limitation, in my case it seems justice would be unjust. It just wouldn’t be fair for God to expect me to be anything other than faulty. I am going to slip up and break the rules, and when I do, I want Him to be there with open arms and tons of mercy to welcome me back. No, Sir, justice at this point would be criminal. To look at my repentant soul and say there is a consequence and a price to my actions is over the top.

However, when that jerk takes my parking spot at the large chain-store designed to steal away my soul with materialism, I immediately think that he is acting completely inhumanely and should have to face his shortcomings so that he sees the need to fix his flaw. The daily flagrant disregard for God and man by others causes me to boil. I rant about how people can possibly go on acting as if there is no authority. They steal, kill, slander and cheat. Sure, “occasionally” I might “accidently” falter with a few of these things but God knows I am just flesh and bone.  And, where a decent amount of justice would straighten out a lot of society, I always think that for me a healthy dose of mercy is in order. Wink wink nod nod

The problem is I am not the one in charge of this justice or mercy thing. To determine what justice is you have to be just. There is only one who is just and that is God. He alone can be the measure of justice. So it turns out that if I am looking so earnestly for justice, then I am usurping Gods position. He knows what justice looks like in all of my situations and He is acting accordingly. He definitely doesn’t need me to tell Him He missed something when surveying my life circumstances. The bottom line is that God can handle it. The cool thing is that He is the only one who can. Coincidently, God happens to be the one who has the great stores of mercy I’m looking for. In the end, if I manage to garner some of that mercy, it turns out it had nothing to do with me after all. It was just Him being who He is.

Hey, God, it’s me. Help me see everyone else and their faults like I see my own. Then let me see myself and my own faults like I see everyone else. After that, God, give me your mercy to help me survive the justice I earned for taking liberties with your grace.

Do you have a different standard of justice and mercy for others than you do for yourself?

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